Birthstone Charms

  • $19.20

Choose a birthstone - it may be yours, your loved one, best friend or children - you may even like to select the colour or characteristic you love most. A treat for you or to celebrate a special occasion and gift.

Our CZ gem/birthstones are set in small batches by hand and cast in Gold vermeil for quality. Add to one of our belcher chains, wear multiple to represent your family or add a to an initial necklace to be make it super special. We also suggest wearing on our Twisted Rope Chain or our Charm Hoops - creating your very own personalised earrings- ideal for gifting.

January to December runs left to right in our image.

January - The independent, ambitious, warm ones.

February - Also the month to celebrate love. Compassionate, committed and the empathetic ones.

March - Creative, kind and generous- the peaceful ones.

April - Outgoing, smart, fearless - the confident ones.

May - hardworking, loyal, creative - the consistent ones.

June - Witty, intelligent and sensitive - the affectionate ones.

July - Smart, funny, honest, caring - the ambitious ones.

August - Friendly, optimistic, independent - the easy going ones.

September - Intelligent, calm, hardworking, friendly - the organised ones.

October - Fair, loyal, positive, smart, and outgoing - the persuasive ones.

November - Intelligent, hardworking, intuitive, caring - the creative one.

December - ambitious, friendly, curious, and generous - the outgoing ones.