The Embellish Edit

  • £75.00
  • £85.00

Starting your ear collection can be daunting which is why we've put together our favourite embellished and sparkly duos to help kick start your look. 

The Embellish edit celebrates our love of sparkle, shine and glow. Each one features a pair of Huggies and a cuff with a saving included.

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Huggies in the Embellish Edit:

Annabel Huggies
Ava Huggies
Eleanor Huggies
Clementine Huggies
Eleri Huggies
Ella Huggies
Alana Huggies

Cuffs in the Embellish Edit:

Ava Cuff
Amelie Cuff
Eleanor Cuff
Ella Cuff
Clemmie Cuff
Jemima Cuff (Clear stone)