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Luck and Love Necklace

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Our pendant flaunts five captivating emblems, believed to bring luck to the wearer. Layer it with other necklaces to create a personalized set that's exclusively yours. Complete your look with our Twisted Rope or Belcher Chains.


The Elephant, a well-known symbol of fortune in Thailand and India, is thought to bring wisdom, prosperity, and power to its owner.

Rare Four-Leaf Clovers are said to bring good fortune - with each clover leaf representing love, luck, hope, and faith!

The Evil Eye-This potent protection charm, despite its name, is truly a herald of good luck and holds a long history stretching back to ancient Mesopotamia. It is said to be one of the most powerful tokens of fortune, and no harm will come to its wearer.

Iron Horseshoes were once thought to fend off bad luck, and they were usually secured with seven nails—the lucky number!

Heart Representing affection in every form, an expression of love, whether driven by romance, friendship, or family.

Gold Vermeil- This is not regular gold plating; our vermeil is a thick layer of solid gold on recycled sterling silver meaning it will last longer- the look and feel of gold jewellery at a touch of the cost.

Additional Notes: Avoid liquids, see jewellery care page.
Metal: Gold Vermeil and Recycled 925 Sterling Silver
Weight/Length/Dimensions: 28mmx13mm, 3.35G
Designer: Cybelle