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Gaia Gold Threaders

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 Threaders are so versatile. Gaia are made with clear crystals - a natural stone, with a high brilliance, diamond-like lustre and beautiful shine. These can be worn a variety of ways, lengths and as a single or pair. 

An everyday look- wear mid length or loop through multiple piercings if you have them.  Evening wear, for impact and elegance - we suggest wearing them long, pull all the way through your lobe and let the chain drop. The crystals sit like a stud, or let the stone sit at the lowest point.

Gold Vermeil- This is not regular gold plating; our vermeil is a thick layer of solid gold on recycled sterling silver meaning it will last longer- the look and feel of gold jewellery at a touch of the cost.


Additional Notes: All earrings are non-returnable. Avoid liquids, see jewellery care page.
Metal: Gold Vermeil/Sterling Silver
Carat: 14ct
Weight/Length/Dimensions: 11cm
Stone Colour: Clear Zircon