Sienna Climber Earrings

  • $77.57

The Sienna ear climbers are nature-inspired and naturally follow the line of the ear. Delicate and striking with cubic zircona embellishment. Wear in your lower lobe or slightly higher if you have a second piercing.

We think Gold Vermeil should be your go to, you can build a collection of high-quality items that will last without the solid gold price tag.  It hits the right spot between quality and value. A small investment of time will give you years of pleasure with your jewellery- see our care page.

Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil.

Additional Notes: All earrings are non-returnable. Avoid liquids, see jewellery care page. Carat: 9ct
Metal:  Sterling Silver/ Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Weight/Length/Dimensions 24mm x 6.5 mm